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 Rules and such for the diary threads.

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PostSubject: Rules and such for the diary threads.   Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:15 pm

cherry Hello!

Again just a few things to go over here...yes I am typing these all out. LoL.

1. Biggest thing for the diaries, just like the photos- make one thread and add onto it. This benefits everyone. everyones diary gets time on the first page, and if you ever want to look through it, it's all in one thread. The only time it's wise to create another one is when your diary thread get to like..240 replies/entries.
2. Back up your diary if it's something you want to keep. Hopefully the Forum Gods will bless us and it will not crash, but I can't promise that...personally my entries will be typed in word pad, saved on my computer, and then pasted in here.
3. This is your diary...but it's nice to give people a bit of warning if you have a sailor's mouth, or talk about mature topics a lot.

Sank you!
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Rules and such for the diary threads.
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