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 Rules and such for the member's photos forum.

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PostSubject: Rules and such for the member's photos forum.   Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:05 pm

cherry Hey guys,

These are some basic things I want to cover about this particular forum.

1. No nudity. Sorry I'm not willing to take on the added responsibility of a thirteen year old seeing someone's wang.
2. Please don't flood the board. Make a thread with your photos and just add onto that one. This way, people will always know where to go to see your new photos!
3. You'll notice there is also a photography forum in the art section. That is for artist photography, and can include self portraits to an extent, but we'd like to see most of them in here. Also pictures with friends and family, your loved one, holidays- all should be put in here.
4. Do not upload your pictures here, and delete them off your computer. While I would love to think this message board was solid as steel, there is a chance that it will go down sometime in the future, and we may loose all our posts. So keep that stuff handy.

If I think of anything else I will add onto it here. Thanks guys, enjoy!
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Rules and such for the member's photos forum.
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