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 Just sad...

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PostSubject: Just sad...   Fri Feb 29, 2008 12:54 am

Having a rough night and this ccame out of my brain...

I can feel the world close in around me.
My only form of struggle is stretching my own boundaries of my womb.
Restless leg syndrome has driven me crazy by now.
The cold thick air around me seems unaccepted by my lungs.
No one notices the tears in my eyes as I violently fight the choking.
Sometimes it's hard to believe I'm alive.
I never feel the cold,
Except when I watch the living smile at the warmth they bring each other.
Only snow shows it's powers over me
As a master placing the most gentle kisses along my skin.
Hidden behind this smile is a corpse...
Watching and envying the living from a distance.

So yeah..I dunno. Bleh I hate being depressed- STUPID JOB.
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Just sad...
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