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 The Crazy Days (A story from highschool, though I never claimed to write good stories!)

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PostSubject: The Crazy Days (A story from highschool, though I never claimed to write good stories!)   Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:21 am

I had just gotten done awkwardly changing in front of every cheerleader in school for gym class. You know where you ...try to put a shirt on under your skirt and wear a skirt to school so you could slip your gym shorts underneath it? That was me in high school, I hadn't yet gone through the emotional erosion that took place early during my first semester of college. I was searching out my friend, I didn't know weather we were going to join the boys dodge ball class today (With every intention of getting hit repeatedly, sitting down and chatting about whatever), cover the floor with paper towels and watch her break dance in her gym clothes, or simply skip gym all together and head up to the vocational school. The third would seem the most obvious choice except the fact that the boys were up there, and our faces weren't done up, not to mention we were in our sweats and grungy t-shirts. She'd come in late, flipping her clothes off in a somewhat careless manner. She was more fortunate then I was, people who didn't matter actually didn't matter to her. A Feat that took me so long to accomplish. I waited of course, who cares about a lousy gym grade. So we walked in late, lined up in the gym glass saying the 'hellos' to people who weren't completely petrified by the idea of talking to the 'goth' girls. Being the age I am now, I don't remember my teacher's name...only that he was bald and reminded me of mister clean, oh and the fact that I hated his guts. Stretches, sit ups, push ups...which of course we put no effort into. That was when I heard a yelp behind me.
She had fallen over doing a stretch on the ground and was laughing like crazy, it was hard to hold my stretch! Of course the other people laughed when she fell, but surprisingly the gym teachers hadn't taken notice. As everyone moved down to do their sit ups I crawled over to her, and we were both giggling like mad. I always loved the way she made me laugh. After our warm ups we retreated to the girls bathroom where we popped a few Tylenol, it had kind of become a ritual. I knew it was going to eat my liver alive, but I felt empowered by the belief that I didn't care. Of course my mind wouldn't let me actually care, the most I ever took was five, and even then I'd sneak to the cafeteria afterward and grab something to line my stomach. Her on the other hand...10...12. Nothing could stop her, and for the life of me I couldn't pull myself away from her free spirit. I wanted so much to be like her- I wanted to not care, do my own thing. After our pill pop we hid in the handicapped stall together and talked about anything...or taking pictures in the stall as 'bathroom whores', which even such a crude term, was something she had managed to make sound enchanting. Of course you can only hide in the girls bathroom for so long before you're bored out of your mind, or until you get stunk out. So it was to the padded room, well- the wrestling room.
The game was always the same, start on opposite teams and try to hit each other out. I always got hit first as I didn't have much going for me. I wasn't very social, I was hardly pretty, and frankly I just didn't give a damn- everyone could see that. So I took my seat closest to the middle, waiting for her as she ran across the gym making funny faces at me. I couldn't tell her then but I thought she was so beautiful. She had black shin length hair, that fell right around her chin...Beautiful big blue eyes, and she held so much expression on her face.
On this seemingly normal day ...I watched her as she had SOMEHOW been the last person on the team, and four of the guys were standing there holding the dodge balls. She lifted her hands over her face and lifted her leg up to cover her stomach and got pummeled all four times, fell the the floor, and was cracking up. Fate decided to let me know at that moment that I loved her. I loved everything about her. Her recklessness her energy, hugging her, just being around her was enough to brighten my day, even though it seemed like high school was nothing more then a dark tunnel used to torment children in revenge for the single fact that they didn't have to work yet. That was a big day for me. We saw each other everyday...but from that single day I just didn't think like things would never be the same. Changing for gym class became awkward, and I felt like I should always look away. I started hanging out at her house after school, and her father immediately accused me of being a lesbian. Which- hey I was half a one! Now, almost six years later I still talk to her. Time has molded us into different people, but there's just this energy about her that I'll never forget.
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The Crazy Days (A story from highschool, though I never claimed to write good stories!)
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