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 7th Layer :)

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PostSubject: 7th Layer :)   Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:15 am

You hold my hand and a light shines in your eyes as we both make a trudge through this 7th layer.
The violent past bashes against the walls of my mind.
frustrated that after so many years of torment,they can't touch me.
And with each crack in my defense I know all I have to do is feel your arms around me and the glass melts together so perfectly.
I know you have your daemons too.
And I beg you to let me blow them all away.
Because it's a well known fact that two broken people compliment each other's weaknesses quite nicely.
I'll stitch your binding while you drain the blood from my bruises and we'll limp this three legged race through the seventh layer.
I'll reflect the heaven in your heart through my eyes as we slowly start to realize-
It's only hard without your other half.
Let's choose the longest path through life and cry together, smile in that special secret way
And live forever in each other's minds, and anyone who looks our way and realizes we were meant for each other and have bound ours souls together at the seams.

Let's walk together not as stars, politicians, or magicians.
Let's walks together as the first acknowledgment of our true selves.
Just you, and me.
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7th Layer :)
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