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 Solaris 10 rant

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PostSubject: Solaris 10 rant   Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:55 pm

Not really a technical problem cause if I had a problem on Solaris I could get it solved. This is more of a rant, a complaint, a gripe. Hardware driver support on Solaris 10 SUCKS!!! I have this kick ass Dell Inspiron notebook. I made sure they shipped it with Ubuntu instead of Windows cause it's not that hard to get a cracked version of windows on a laptop, and Ubuntu is free. I don't pay for things if I don't have to. Well, my goal is to put Solaris on this beast 'cause it's a stable assed operating system. Well, no drivers for my video card, wireless, or ethernet cards exist. Can't load an OS if I can't see what I have to do to install the thing. Maybe they'll be there in the Solaris 11 release. Ok. I'm done ranting. Thanks for listening!

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Solaris 10 rant
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